About Us


Shoe Groupies humble begins started in 2009 when Dion Finally made her Dream to reality & pushed her love for fashion and footwear to the next level, by opening an online based shoe store selling exclusives and hard to find footwear. August 2012 Shoe Groupie opened its first location in the trendy uptown / downtown district of Oakland CA, with its hip art infused culture this was a perfect fit. Shoe Groupie’s styles is heavily influenced by fashion, glam modern & urban living.

Shoe groupie is a shoe store like no other, It showcases art with in its location, and we base our success by bring the newest and most ground breaking styles without the substation of quality.

Our goal at Shoe Groupie is to provide the ultimate acquiring service of desirable goods, European exclusives, &  footwear from around the globe.

Are you a Shoe Groupie?